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Unique Taste of Greece

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A well-known restaurant for Oia lovers in Santorini island, beautifully renovated, externally and internally, for Your comfort and romantic delicious delights with a view of the Caldera of Santorini.
Apsithia Restaurant awaits you for this Summer to taste the new gastronomic creations of its experienced kitchen staff.

 Our experienced but above all eager staff of the waiters will help you choose, amongst many dishes, exactly what suits your tastes. 

Taste Our wonderful dishes, with wonderful suggestions from the wide list of local and many famous wines of Greek land. 
Come and travel together, on a delicious trip with great pleasant surprises.

 We are waiting for you.....

Enjoy outstanding Sunset Dinners in Oia village of Santorini with the Best Greek Tastes & Local Santorini Wine!

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